Countdown to Nicois Salad

Ni·çois /nēˈswä/

As we delve further into this year, I would like to at least acknowledge your health and wellness goals with my take on this stunning and hearty salad. The last time I ordered this salad in a restaurant, I simply pointed at the menu, while sheepishly pronouncing it to myself. Even after listening to the proper pronunciation several times, thesalad lives an irregular presence in my life, therefore, it has never stuck to me, until recently.

While planning this recipe for you, I read an article about the origins of this classic French salad, which referenced its birthplace, Nice, a city in France located off the shore of the French Riviera. Though I am certain that my culinary counterparts would shutter at my next comparison, but the Niçois Salad is much like our Cobb, a beautifully presented with a lovely variety of fresh and pronounced ingredients.

In lieu of tuna, (which is typically included in this recipe), I've added a healthy portion of our house-smoked salmon, which you will have the option to modify to a vegetarian salad, or perhaps swap with baked chicken breast. Either way, I think you will greatly enjoy this stunning salad, paired with a rustic bread and dipping sauce.

Deadline to Order: January 20 @ 8pm

Delivery or Pickup: January 22 by 2pm

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Until next week, thanks for reading and have a sweet day!

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