Do Bad Cooks Create Great Cooks?

In our case, the answer is YES! Most of you have met my adorable mother, Tamara. If you haven't, you're missing out! She is the lovely, short, silver-haired woman who makes you feel right at home at Sweetest on Saturday and Sunday mornings. She represents everything you'd ever want in a mother, except...

Before I continue, know that she has given her expressed consent

that I can share this with you, without repercussion! mother is a terrible cook for two reasons: 1. My grandmother is a great cook, so my mom's assignment growing up, was always cleanup. 2. She doesn't enjoy cooking.

I grew up in the late 80s, as a latch-key kid. My older brother and I were very independent and fairly obedient children, whose parents worked very hard. At the time, casseroles, canned veggies, and one-pot meals were all the rage, so that's where it all started.

My absolute least favorite dish was Chicken Ala King; a sloppy grey mess on top of rice. Ever wonder why we don't serve pancakes on our menu? Well, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Bisquick used to babysit us, while we suffered through yet another plate of pancakes. And, because I thought vegetables were supposed to taste like a salty tin can, you can imagine my surprise when I found out otherwise.

These were all very valuable motives for me to explore what else was out there, but growing up in Colorado Springs, CO didn't exactly offer a lot of regional influence.

One day, in elementary school, we had an assignment to bring in food that represented our family. I brought barbecue. My grandfather owned BBQ restaurants here and there from Texas to Wyoming, so it was a great fit. The life-changer for me, however, was when Emma Adams brought baklava to school that day. I was in awe and delight! Not only did it satisfy my vicious sweet tooth, but it contained flavors, textures and ingredients I'd never seen. I WAS HOOKED. Not only on baklava specifically, but it was the first time I was both intellectually and tactically excited about something. I call that, finding your passion.

I first began tinkering with making candy. My first adventure involved a gas stove, hot sugar, a splash of peppermint extract, and a giant flame. I paused on candy for years.

Then I purchased my first set of cookbooks from Goodwill: a set of McCall paperbacks that explored recipes from around the world. My mom just found one in her cabinet the other day that contained Japanese recipes. The fuzzy, vintage photos of dated plating techniques and an abundance of fruit-salad-worthy garnishes, really brought back memories.

So! Thanks Mom!!

With that, if you are a terrible cook, carry on and procreate with confidence that you too can create a master cook and/or baker, or whatever, some day.

P.S. meet my mom next time you're in, she's super cute!

To view our first Autumn Menu Selections, connect with us HERE on Facebook Until next week, thanks for reading and have a sweet day!

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