Relationship Survival! 5 Tips for Quarantine

Todd and I have spent approximately 23 hours a day together...for the past four years.

F..O..U..R   Y..E..A..R..S!! Surely, with our help, you and yours can make it another few weeks!

This piece is a bit of a departure from our typical food/beverage related content, and for good reason. Clearly, we are in a different time and place right now. For most of us, the first few days of change were easy, even refreshing...posting pictures of lawn happy hour, family meal prep, etc. etc. But now, we are delving into uncharted territory - all together, all the time. This is where the rubber meets the road. Simply consider employing the following five steps, and you will likely enjoy the next few weeks in harmony, as well as the rest of your lives together!

1. God, Spirituality & Connection

Every morning before opening the restaurant, Todd and I take ten minutes or so to pray together. We began doing it just about a year ago, when we realized that we were taking on a challenge that seemed almost too big to bear. Before and after our prayer, we chat about how well (or not well) we slept the night before, and how we're each feeling about the day. It has helped us to be grounded, focused, humble, and most of all, connected.

2. Always Assume the Other Has the Best Intention

Because why wouldn't they? I've only known a few people in my life who've found it enjoyable to piss me off, or pick a fight. Those people, for good reason are no longer in my life. Otherwise, most of us prefer to avoid confrontation, and seek peace. Trust that the ones who surround you, love you. Therefore, if you begin with good intentions in mind, it is easy to overlook when someone does something that you find irritating.

3. An Open Invitation to Communicate

In a nutshell, this means that you are open to listening, unconditionally. Even when it is feedback that may damage your own ego. There are two things to keep in mind about the truth as it relates to resolving conflict. 1: the truth still exists, whether you choose to hear it or not. 2: if you punish someone for telling the truth, no matter what the circumstance, then they will hesitate to do it again. Thus, the opposite of what most of us want.

Some say, the truth hurts, but I disagree. If you are honest with yourself, you either saw criticism coming, or, with a tiny bit of introspection, you know there is honesty behind the message. Take it! Be humble! There lives, no perfect person.

4. Make An Effort

Life and relationships are never one-sided. It is a collaboration. Making life easier for the ones you love, makes life easier for you. When I see that Todd is overwhelmed and/or stressed, I don't ask. I simply look around to see where I can pitch in. Sometimes it is difficult to articulate what help you need, and taking time to delegate when you are already overwhelmed, sometimes feels like another daunting task.

Simply being aware of each other is a great way to anticipate needs and avoid the potential for conflict. If you stink, take a shower. If you made a mess, clean it up. I you chose the last binge on Netflix, suffer in silence through someone else's choice. Eventually you will find a new rhythm, a cadence, a lovely dance through the thing called quarantine.

5. Laughter & Love

Todd is my favorite person. He is so funny, and he loves to make me laugh, which makes us the perfect pairing. Our restaurant receives an astounding number of reviews that complement how happy our team seems to be while at work. And of course, one look behind the bar, you will likely see Todd and I in the midst of witty banter.

Joy is authentic. You can see it, you can feel it, and it sets the tone for the mood in your home. Be joyful, and remember what it feels like to laugh heartily without hiding your smile.

We miss your happy faces and look forward to your return.

Be well everyone!

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Until next time, thanks for reading and have a sweet day!

Melody Elkin


Sweetest Season Artisan Eatery

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